Sunday, 6 July 2008

lovely weekend...

... but need sleep now.

Friday and Saturday I was a judge at the National Finals of Debating Matters - an amazing debating competition for sixth-formers. All the debates were interesting and thought provoking, especially the final one, about presumed consent for organ donation - Do we have civil liberties after death? Does the State own our body or does our family? How do we increase public faith in doctors, and do we need to?

I seriously urge anyone interesting in raising the level of intelligent debate in the country to get involved next year - either as a judge or how about entering a team from your school if you're a teacher?

today was also great - a pilates intensive. Four hours of tuition, a reflexology massage and a delightful lunch - couldn't have been better (well, actually, a sunny day would have been nice!).

back to work tomorrow, but now I just need sleep!

UPDATE (22.48): ok now I need to go to sleep - stupid interweb!

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