Friday, 20 February 2009

as predicted...

... one of the two pieces of work that I had, I haven't. It's a bugger as if I'd had the choice, it's the bit I would have chosen, but I've met the other client so can't pull out of that one. One the plus side, it is probably a project that Imyril can do, so have passed it on to her reptiley goodness.

I'm not being too stressed/ annoyed though as I'm really enjoying some of the pro bono work I'm doing for various start-ups and NFPs so if it means that I do a bit more of that, then all is still good.

In related news - I am now the proud owner of a limited company! I have a lovely accountant who is being very patient with me (which is good), used to be a tax inspector for the revenue (which is even better), and has a sense of humour (proof? They're called Many Happy Returns!).

update: second project is now confirmed so I should be able to get the ToEs sorted today or Monday - up to 25 days between now and the end of March (probably work out to be about 20).

Thursday, 19 February 2009

back in the land of the 9 to 5-ers?

well... on the face of it yes: I am working with a Management Consultancy doing some really interesting and fab projects with central Gov (for whom I've never worked) on a day rate that I wanted.

on the other side? Although I've done 3 days of work for them, I still have no contract, no definition of the engagement that's binding, and no specifics about exactly what I'll be doing on each of the projects... I'm hoping at this point that this it is because they're so busy they haven't gotten around to sorting it out, rather than the work is going to dissipate and I won't get paid... Either way, I haven't yet told all the rec cons that I'm not available, so hopefully no bridges are burnt if it turns bad.

I would post more, but I've just got chatting to some interesting people (am at Adam St and it suddenly became evening - how/ when did that happen?) so am going to talk to them, instead of you!

Monday, 2 February 2009

ok - no blog post in a while so I should do an update...

... but I'm not going to. You know why? Cos it's snowing! Properly snowing! I've walked to a coffee shop where I now am, and got pelted with about 4 or 5 snowballs (and some of them were thrown by adults!). Everyone has a smile on their face, and everyone is walking as there is actually no public transport at all. No buses, about 3 tube trains on the whole of the network and no overground. It's very odd, but fun - very fun!

anyhoo - did this thing for facebook over the weekend and thought I'd copy it here as well. It's a thing where you write 25 random things about yourself and then tag 25 people to do the same.

1. I am the best at procrastinating (ever – 2009). Even when it causes me a reasonable amount of inconvenience, I still won’t do the most simple thing. Example? Right now I’m typing this sat in a cafĂ© with net access because my interweb at home isn’t working. All I have to do is plug my lappy directly into the router, see if I can fix the problem, and buy a new router if I need to. I’ve been needing to do this for a number of months now.

2. I talk to myself. A lot. I think I’ve always done this, but it became really apparent a couple years ago when I found myself living on my own again – If you’re living with someone and you say “right – what do I need to do now?”, you can fool yourself into thinking that you’re talking to them. Once it’s just you, there is no hiding. I’m now embracing it as early training for the crazy-cat-lady phase of my life to come.

3. I can’t get tasks done unless I write them on a list. Preferably with timings.

4. I will never grow out of black eyeliner.

5. I am very proximity based in keeping in touch. I love my friends and think about them a lot, but don’t get around to contacting them (see point 1).

6. I am very happy that I’ve learnt the knack of being late. This is very new for me and I still can’t be late for appointments, but for general arrangements like meeting in the pub I no longer arrive everywhere 20 minutes early.

7. I’m looking forward to the day that I’m a grown-up. The signs or success are as follows: I go to bed when I’m tired; I keep my bedroom tidy; I fix things when they’re broken.

8. I am currently trying to break my habit of falling for broken men and trying to fix them. I’m really good at it – by the time we split up they’re fully formed and ready to get married. To someone else. I’ve done this at least 3 times (that I know of) now…

9. I love my work. I never understand people who want to make lots of money and stop working. If I had lots of money, I’d still do what I do, but maybe not charge for it. The buzz of fixing a problem or a company is amazing.

10. I’m really proud of myself for working on the Obama campaign. I had an amazing time and met some amazing people, but the main and coolest thing was that I did everything I could to try and change the world. I need to do that more.

11. I’m very nervous about starting my degree. I’m doing it through OU and although I don’t think I’ll have any problems intellectually with the subject matter (Politics, Philosophy & Economics), I’m really worried about actually doing the work. This is partly due to my dyslexia and also because I haven’t applied myself to anything over this kind of length of time ever.

12. I am really comfortable not being one of the cool and popular kids - this is my place in the world and I’ve accepted it. I now get really disconcerted if I cross over into that category at all (which only happens occasionally, but is occurring more than it used to).

13. I love being in my 30s. I always knew that this would be my time to shine, and I am.

14. I own too many shoes. I’ve just done a clear out/ tidy of the flat and found over 50 pairs of shoes. They are in all styles and although I know that I won’t wear a lot of them ever again, I can’t throw them away, because

15. I cannot throw things away. I keep shoe boxes, nice paper bags (the kind with the rope handles) and anything and everything else. If it’s in good condition (or could be again with enough care and attention), then it stays.

16. My books are my most prized possessions - I have over two thousand and counting.

17. My life would be unimaginable without Radio 4. I have it on all the time in my flat. I often stay awake until 12.59am so that I can hear the presenter wishing me a good night’s sleep.

18. I’m really happy that I’ve started exercising properly again. I now do pilates, training and swimming. I’m trying to find a Tai Chi class at 7am in the morning and am going to start ballet again pretty soon. I’m loving being active, being in shape, and generally having a good relationship with my body.

19. I take great comfort in being an Atheist. If I ever need to draw strength to get through a period in my life, I think about how insignificant we are in the world, that we are a completely random event, and that we will be gone at some point. It gives me perspective and makes me feel incredibly free.

20. I cherish my anonymity above all else. There have been times in my life where I could have taken a path that would have eroded this and I have always shied away from it. I do not understand people who seek to have their privacy invaded.

21. I have great faith in humanity. I know that individuals can do abhorrent things, but I think that every one of them has the capacity to do good and to strive to be better.

22. I can listen to an album on repeat for days on end. Right now I’m listing to the first Garbage album and it’s been playing for the last few days on my iPod. Music reflects and enhances my mood better than any drug.

23. I went on a helicopter two weeks ago – it was the best thing ever – people asked me what I’d seen, but I didn’t really take anything in other than the sensation of flying. Can’t wait to do it again.

24. I will never stop using the word ‘cool’. It’s been good to me for at least 24 years and I’m not going to turn my back on it now.

25. My favourite view of London is standing on the North end of Waterloo Bridge, directly over the river, looking East. I am incapable of thinking anything when I see that view – all I do is feel passionate about London and generally happy about everything. The minute I’m standing over the water, a lingering smile hits my face.