Friday, 30 March 2007


... the weather is cold, wet and miserable and I want a holiday. With the not earning money thing, I can't afford one this year. All I want to do is sit in the hot, near a swimming pool and relax for a week.

If anyone has friends or family who work for hotel groups, or knows anyone who has an apartment anywhere, who'd let me rent it for a week, let me know (I know this is a long shot, but hey - if you don't ask...).

Thursday, 29 March 2007

aftermath of the longest day...

... wow - yesterday was long! started at 7am (yes, 7am) to be on a client site at 9.30. I worked through to 12.30 and then went home via the bank. At 4pm I left to meet Sian at Euston and we came back via the Chinese to pick up a take-away.

the plan was to watch some Buffy and then head to bed at about 9pm-ish. At 1am, we finally went to bed after lots of chatting, some collapsing on my part, and lots of Buffy!

in total, I was up for 18 hours!!

today... Sian left at 8am to head to the airport (she's going out KL for holiday) and I went back to bed. I've slept for most of the day, drank some coffee and the plan for the evening is some Civ2... lovely!

Monday, 26 March 2007

ok, now I really know that I should go to bed now...

... but just in case I needed more motivation, I've just been looking at the Search History function on Google. It has a trends section, which shows things like what time you do most of your searching... oh dear - the 11pm to 1am section is the highest - and not just that, but higher than almost everything else put together... that's what I shall now be calling the "danger zone". I reckon that if I'm bored enough to be doing lots of google searches, I'm probably finding things to spend money on!

from now on, I'm going to try and be aware of this, and hopefully, that will mean I'll do it less (or is that the twelve-steps...?).

in other news, had a great day today - did midday to six for a client, and wasn't feeling completely shaky when I left! Yay - that's a first! I'm not going to overdo it though - tomorrow is going to be a Day Of Rest.

Sunday, 25 March 2007


... another convert to worship at the alter of St Joss of the Whedon!

had a lovely day today - meet my friend Aisha for a coffee which turned into coming back to the flat to watch Firefly (she'd seen Serenity and loved it, but hadn't heard of FF).

she's a complete convert and I believe will be ordering the DVD tomorrow!

what was that amazon quote? "Fox just got another pissed-off fan".


Saturday, 24 March 2007


well - today I've done a pilates class and it was fab! my teacher rang earlier in the week to see if I was ok as I hadn't been for ages and I told her the situation. She suggested that I come to a level 1 class, but only do part of the class - to build up my strength. She also told me not to bring my own equipment so that the journey was less tiring.

it was great. I stayed for the whole class, but only took part in about half. The rest of the time I did remedial and passive stretches, so as not to tire myself out.

am very tired now, but a good, healthy, kind of tired - in fact, I have more energy than when I got on the bus to go to class... and this is on top of doing two half-days of work during the week!

I'm going to go to class again next week, and if all goes well, I'll try doing the Wed evening class as well - but still only taking part in half of it (leaving the more powerful work for when I'm better).

going to spend the rest of the weekend relaxing... lovely!

Thursday, 22 March 2007

newsci readers, I salute you...

... A question submitted this week to The Last Word:

Why do we like shiny things?
Jonah Lawton
London, UK

brilliant - nothing more to say!

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

another day written-off...

... urggg... spent most of the day in bed and have just got back from a cafe - I thought it best to try and get out, even if only for an hour.

tomorrow is a big day - am going to a client site to do some work - nothing amazing exciting, or well paying, but a really good test of my strength. hopefully I'll be feeling a lot better tomorrow.

I think a chinese take-away, an episode of firefly and then an early night with some NightNurse should go some way to helping.

Sunday, 18 March 2007

a lovely weekend!

Mel's been here, and we've eaten healthily and been generally good. Lots of Buffy has been watched (starting at Season 1).

about to finish the season and to celebrate our healthy-ness, a chinese take-away is in order (and yes, I know the logic is a bit flawed, but deal with it!).

then an early bed, I'm a very tired girl from a busy week, but it's been worth it - I may have a day of paid work in an actual office next week!

Thursday, 15 March 2007


... just got back from seeing the RSC Tempest and it was simply amazing. I don't think I've seen a production like that for years, if ever.

Patrick Stewart was just fantastic and Ariel - well. Rather than being the normal, wirey, Puck-like creature, he was more silent-horror-movie-statuesque-disdainful.

the whole thing was amazing.

words have actually failed me at this point, so I'll go to bed!

Tuesday, 13 March 2007


I've just read another article about slimming mirrors in changing rooms and how they're trying to get rid of them.

I have another solution, one which I think is much better.

firstly, these mirrors don't make fat people look thin, they just take a couple of pounds off - making you look more svelte.

secondly, I know that I look a hell of a lot better if I feel great about how I look - much better than I look if I've just lost a couple of pounds.

do you see where I'm going with this?

rather than get rid of these mirrors in the changing rooms, just make all mirrors like this.

that way, everyone will feel great about how they look, feel confident in their new clothes, and have a much better time!

maybe we should start a petition ??!

first F1 weekend of the season...

here are all the details of the rule changes, and here are all the new team line-ups.

and yes, I am going to bed now!

new task

right - March 17th is the last day of TheShow and although I'm pretty sure that all of the past shows will still be on the interweb on March 18th, I'm not taking any chances. I've watched a fair few already, but haven't gone through all of them.


so I'm going to.

in the next 5 days.

if anyone hasn't yet discovered the joy - I recommend completely. Ohh - and lest I forget, he also features Jonathan Coulton in this one. Jonathan is the guy who did the flickr song (go to the video tab - it's free to watch - so no excuses) - one of the most beautiful and sweet things I've ever watched.

Update: I've actually realised that it's easier to watch the flickr song straight from youtube, so here it is!

Monday, 12 March 2007

getting better?

for the second Saturday in a row, I over did it... I had a lovely time - went to see Grandma, and my cousin Nick was there. Had a hoot and talked nineteen to the dozen (not just me, Nick as well!) and before I knew it, it was nearly 10pm (I'd been planning on leaving before 8).

I knew I'd over done it, and thought back to last Saturday and the following 3 days that I'd spent feeling really ill again.

and yes - I was tired yesterday and didn't go out. But I did make a cake in the morning, and tidy the flat, and when Keith came over yesterday evening, I was awake to have a take-away and watch Starship Troopers!

I'm still tired, so not going to go too far today - I'm planning on holing myself up in a Cafe Nero somewhere and then coming back for an early night.

definitely progress!

Friday, 9 March 2007


now I think it's weird that I'm in my late 20's, as I don't think I look any different to how I did at 20 (albeit a slightly larger version...). I'm really enjoying my late 20's (proof of which is that I've very excited about getting a new cooking apron - it's beautiful, retro and pink!) and don't have a problem with it, I just can't see that I look that different - I don't really have any wrinkles or anything like that.

but it all makes sense now - the famous people that I assumed were about 32 are, in fact, much older. Example of this - Selma Hayek is 40! I just read an article about her on and did a complete double-take when they mentioned her age.

so in actual fact, I probably do look my age - I'm just really, really crap at guessing other people's!

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

follow-up to the Steve Jobs / DRM post...

... here is a really interesting article about Apple's DRM system, which they call FairPlay. It's quite long, but worth a read as it looks at the motivations behind why Apple want rid of DRM as well as the technical aspects of the system.

first noticed on Schneier on Security.

still very tired...

... but feeling much better. Had a very relaxing day which involved making broccoli soup, having a long bath with Original Source Lavender (big thanks to Sian for the recommendation - it's the best stuff in the world!) and then an early dinner with M&D in town.

the cotton wool in my legs seems to have been replaced my muscles again (albeit very weak ones) which is nice and I think I may start to potter again tomorrow.

now I'm going to watch a very loved, but quite rubbish romantic comedy on DVD and then have an early night - bliss!

so I'm still up...

... I know I should be in bed. Everything is telling me to go to bed. There is nothing on TV (that's actually quite scarey). My eyes are red and hurting (which looks so good with the massive bags under the eyes - really would scare children if I was seen in this state). I'm tired.

and yet I'm not in bed.

I'm surfing the interweb for all it's worth, thinking about going to bed.

I think it ties in with the having-over-done-it-thing and the not-feeling-very-well-again thing.

I shall try and re-start the pottering again tomorrow. That should help. Oh, and I might feel a bit better as well. That would be nice.

Monday, 5 March 2007

one step forwards....

... and back again...

had a really great Saturday. Sat in a lovely pub in Bloomsbury and read a wonderful book. Then wandered down towards Clerkenwell to get a bus home. I was really hungry, so stopped off in a pub to have something to eat and got talking to a group of people. Spent the next few hours having a great time and left at about 8.30pm.

I knew that I'd overdone it a bit, but I'd had a great time, so didn't mind that Sunday would be a write-off.

didn't realise that today would be as well... got up at 2pm, managed to go out for a potter, but when I got to my chosen pub, I realised that I was too shattered to read and came home again. Felt like walking through toffee all day.

slept for a bit on the sofa and now going to bed.

hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better...

Saturday, 3 March 2007

yes brain, I am happy you have returned...

... but I would like to sleep now!

oh well - it was good brain activity. I have now created a spreadsheet which shows my potential earnings over the next 22 months, and I think I'll have the money I need for a deposit to buy a two-bed flat in central London in Jan 09 - Yay!

It's a wonderfully complex spreadsheet (as always, with me), which takes into consideration the likely number of days I will work in each month (allowing for a staggered start back into work from April, holidays and number of clients fluctuating) my monthly outgoings (increasing annually for inflation), spending money (worked out on a weekly basis), and my day rate increasing annually (but not by very much).

I know this sounds very far-fetched as there are so many variables, but I created one at the start of 2005 through to July 2006 to get out of debt and it worked. Everything changed (like moving jobs twice, have a month off and starting freelancing), but I kept and eye on it and it all worked out in the end. I'm just hoping that the same happens again!

this will mean that I'll be able to buy my first home in the months following my 30th birthday. Sounds pretty cool to me.

bed now.

pottering next week

well, working on the basis that I'm not going to be able to do any work next week, the plan is as follows:

monday - Ye Old Mitre, Hatton Garden
tuesday - The Princess Louise, Holborn
friday - The Sailsbury, Strand
saturday - Kings Arms, Waterloo
sunday - Churchill Arms, Kensington

the current plan is to meet up with M&D on Wed and then go over there on Thursday (for Dad to have a look at my laptop - it's not been a happy bunny for the past few months).

this week has been great - not sure about a couple of the pubs but, on the whole, I've added one or two that I'd happily go back to again. I've got one pub from the last list to visit tomorrow (The Lamb in Bloomsbury) and then on Sun, I should be meeting up with Aisha which will be lovely.

Thursday, 1 March 2007

hello brain...

... it is nice to welcome you back into my life!

I spoke to mum earlier today and was able to, with perfect clarity, recall exactly what I have planned for the next two weeks and make an arrangement, which I knew I would remember by the time I got home! It might sound simple, but I haven't had that kind of clarity of thought for quite a few months...

the curse of Murray Walker predicts that as I've mentioned this, I will be back the land of brain-jam tomorrow, but what the heck, it's good even if it only lasts a few hours.

six feet under...

... have just finished watching an episode on More4 (and yes, I am actually going to bed now!). I watched the first season when it first aired and I knew that I liked it, but I drifted out of the habit of watching cos of the time-slot (11pm on a Sunday I seem to recall). I'd forgotten how amazing it is. Everything about it is perfect.

2 hours lost to amazon...

... on the plus side, I put lots of things in my amazon basket but haven't bought any of them...

... on the down side, I started looking at my amazon recommendations 2 hours ago and have since rated everything I've ever bought on amazon and gone through the entire recommendations list and stated what I own and what I'm not interested in...

Must. Go. To. Bed.