Sunday, 31 August 2008

brain in order...

... am up in Liverpool and have just had a great chat for a couple of hours with my sister. Am feeling much calmer about life, much more accepting of my current situation and generally much more chilled.

all good, and now to bed.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


oh dear...

went to see Hellboy2 last night which was shiny (not sure about good, but definitely shiny!), but it ended very late and it was gone 1am before I got to bed.

then I had an 8.30 meeting this morning (I don't do meetings before 10am - everyone knows this), and I have another at 9am tomorrow... oh dear.

I think that after PT this afternoon I'm going to go a quick steam and then head home. To sleep.

I'd def recommend going to see Hellboy2 though - it is extremely pretty and doesn't take itself seriously in any way (always good!). I'd also recommend going to Electric Cinema - think arm chairs, footstools and a bar. It almost feels like a private viewing room. Only downside is that after lolling in a comfy chair for a couple of hours you have to put your shoes back on and go outside...

Monday, 25 August 2008

I have thrown things away!

I now have a floor in the office that I can actually see (and walk in and everything!) and more importantly, it should now not be called an office as I have gotten rid of the desktop computer, monitor, desk, pedestal and computer chair (and 6 full garbage bags to boot).

next stage of the plan is to sort out all the clothes, bags and shoes in there and put some of it into storage. Then I'll be able to put the bookshelf from the spare room in there, along with my pilates mat and exercise bike - lovely!

after that, I'm gonna need to buy some new bookshelves and then it will all be done!

In other news, the next few weeks are going to be lovely, but crazy busy. Next weekend I'm going up to Liverpool to see Jules, then Swiral comes to stay the following weekend. The one after that is September 13th/14th and I'm hosting a cleaning part to get the flat immaculate. I'm then dog-sitting in Brum and then go away the week after.

I'm going to try and fit in as much pilates, swimming and training as possible before I go away and also see everyone as well (if anyone wants to join the cleaning party - let me know!).

all in all - a busy 5 weeks!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

back to the land of the not-so-sunny!

well, am back from hols and reality is starting to kick-in - got home to no lighting in the flat and lots of water falling through the bathroom ceiling - grrr... Hopefully gonna be getting that sorted today, but as yet the council haven't called back (no surprise there).

can't quite believe that I've now only got 39 days before I go to the States - really need to start planning that properly!

I think this weekend is going to be chilled - just seeing
PirateGrrl and her boy for some food and have a friend crashing in the flat, but don't think he'll be around much (some kind of film horror festival in town), and then another 4 day week - yay!

UPDATE: Ok, maybe not quite so chilled, but still lovely - TiggerAffect's birthday drinks, so could get a bit messy!