Sunday, 29 June 2008

goth porn shoes...

... got the most amazing shoes today when out with PirateGrrl.

as the day was quite overcast we decided to change plans and, as she had some Harrods vouchers from about 6 years ago left to spend, we decided that lunch at the Oyster and Champagne Bar was the way forward! After a lovely glass of bubbly rose and some smoked salmon and crab, we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering round and not buying things (including the most lovely Mulberry bag and an amazing Hermes watch), we found the shoe area. We found these and I just had to buy them!

am now working out when I can wear them (I'm thinking to work, with a great skirt suit)!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

mmm... lovely chilledness

am at Dunc's watching Quincy ME on ITV3 having spent last night watching films and eating take-away - lovely! And even better - he has a new sofa, so crashing here is not as painful as it used to be!

we're now having a discussion about the word (or non-word) chilledness - Dunc has suggested chillity, I was considering leaving out the first e to make it chill'dness.

week at work was good - managed to get £700k signed-off to spend in the next 4 months on the rec project and will be handing it over to the new PM on July 10th (he's started already but is now on hols until then). That will leave me to do lots of other interesting projects which have nothing to do with implementation - yay!

the rest of this weekend should be similarly lovely - nothing to do today apart from watch Dr Who this evening, and tomorrow seeing girls for a lazy Sunday (that may, or may not include a visit to the Hobbs sale).

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

how so many would agree...

... there is a fab competition to win and advanced reading copy of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. All you have to do is write your own epitaph. I was looking through the current submissions and came across the following:

In death, he has been given the chance to do what he never
could in life: shut up.

I'm now trying to work out if there is anything that I can possibly write that would be more appropriate for me?!

Monday, 23 June 2008

the dangers of the interweb

so - this morning. Got into work, turned on computer. Opened up my google home page. Went to Neil Gaiman's blog. Read about Wordle. Went to Wordle. Had fun playing with Obama speeches and came up with this one (very pretty). Then started playing with Neil Gaiman short stories and came up with this (again, very pretty). Then thought of a nice Bartlet quote from the West Wing. Then saw this page of West Wing quotes. Now planning on when I can go home to watch West Wing.

If there was an exam in procrastination and getting side-tracked, I'd get and A.
With maybe a gold star.

Also drinking the most marvelous tea, one of the many that PirateGrrl and myself got at Taste on Saturday.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

lots happening...

well, not right now as I'm sat on sofa and Aish and I have been drinking Kahlua and Rice Milk all eve, watching vampire films and trying on clothes!

had a lovely couple of weekends, first staying with Jules and playing with my nephews, and then dog-sitting for Sian and Matt (well, Ulrich really, as Sian and Matt are not actually canine!).

went on holiday which was fab - lay on a rock in the sun and did nothing for a week - I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone, and particularly the Corinthia Palace Hotel in Malta - lovely, and it has a spa!

whilst I was there, Obama officially got the nomination, so work on that has started which is fab - I've found a great London campaigning group and everyone is welcome - the big work at the moment is registering voters, so if anyone knows of any American's who live abroad and aren't registered, let me know and I can give them all the right forms and stuff.

I've also now booked by flights to go to the States to work on the campaign - I'll be in Chicago for the whole time, working with Ops and I'm going to be there from September 27th through to November 8th - this does mean that my 30th celebrations are being moved back, so November 22nd is now the date for my party - all welcome!

work is going on a pace - last project is kind of wrapped up now, apart from some Consultation but that should be done and dusted in the next couple of weeks. The main new project is a biggie though - need to recruit 477 people to start in post this year (yeah - I know what you're thinking, but it should be almost possible - particularly now that I've got a PM working for me who starts on Tuesday - yay!). The other projects are much smaller, but I think they're going to keep me busy through to about March next year!

also now trying to think about holiday (I know I've only just got back, but with the trip to the States, I won't have any other time to actually chill out). This one for the first two weeks of August. At the moment, I'm thinking about Cuba, but since the last time I had a 2 week holiday (that didn't involve seeing some relatives) was before I did my GCSEs, I really have no idea where to go and what to do - again, and suggestions would be lovely!

and in other news, I had a measuring session with my personal trainer this morning, and since I started, about a month ago, I've lost 4cm off my waist and 2cm from my thighs - yay!

tomorrow (or today, just after sleep) am going to the Taste festival in the afternoon and then seeing Frankie Boyle in the eve. I think it will then be some beers, back to the boy's and a chill out. Sunday will be spent watching some of the GP, going to see my Grandma in the residential home she's staying in whilst my folks are away, and then relaxing - before it all goes crazy again on Monday with work!

all in all, am having a fab time at the mo and life is good!