Friday, 26 June 2009

a long day...

...arrive safely in San Francisco after a very long day and many, many security checks (I got nabbed 3 times in Heathrow and had to not only unpack all my handluggage, but also turn on and then remove the battery from every piece of tech I had on me...).

after getting to hotel, I showered and changed, and headed out. First to Bluebottle Cafe courtesy of Ms Persky, where I met a couple of cool people - one cute and the other with a consultant friend in Chicago! I then had dinner down in SOMA and wandered back.

I'm pretty much ready to crash right now as I think that I've now been up for over 22 hours and my body has decided that enough is enough.

tomorrow I've got the day to myself and then going to a baseball game in the evening as part of the wedding celebrations.

more updates when I have a brain.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

a scientific experiment to prove the existence of L-Space

... well, quasi-scientific, anyway!

my landlord announced yesterday that he was in London and that he'd be coming the flat on Wednesday. Queue panic and lots of 'oh my god, I have to sort out the spare room and make the place look like it's tidy, but not just tidied - as in , I live like this all the time'. I've had the door to the spare room closed for about two months and in my head it was six foot high with crap... I went in last night and found that it wasn't actually that bad, and after an hour or two, it was pretty much done.

next on the list of things to do was to fix the fact that there were 11 boxes of books taking up most of the hallway (the ones from my Grandma - all very exciting). I'd had a plan to go through each box, catalogue them, and then rearrange my entire collection. This obviously wasn't going to be finished by first thing tomorrow so I decided on a quick fix. I rearranged the bookshelves in the library to get maximum bookage (the one big shelf that doesn't have a back is now positioned to be able to put books on both sides!) and then started just putting books on shelves wherever they would fit.

then something strange happened. All my books fit. There is even SPARE space. This shouldn't happen. As Nanila pointed out to me a while ago, there is a natural law which states that there are always more books than shelf space. I then figured out what had happened.

when my books aren't organised, they take up less space than when sorted by category, alphabetically. Over the next couple of weeks I shall now prove this by sorting out my books properly. When they don't fit on the shelves, I will have proven for the first time, that L-Space is blocked by organisation!

must go now - need to call Swiral back and find out about halloween costumes for pets...