Friday, 28 November 2008

all cosumer electronics need a little love...

... since I got back from the States, my router hasn't been working. I knew that it was my fault for going away for so long without explaining things so I've been turning it off and on for the last few weeks, hoping that the attention would be enough. I was wrong.

today I thought it was actually time to plug my lappy directly to the router and see what was going on (had it forgotten its password etc.). I connected it up and before I could even open up the browser, it started working! Just like that. If I go away again I may leave a gosling with it to make sure that it understands that I do appreciate it!

in other news, I'm still ill but I think I'm getting better which is good.

the weekend should be lovely - dinner with Dunc tomorrow evening and then ice-skating and dinner on Sunday!

now I have the interweb back again, I'm going to spend the rest of the evening looking at random things on wikipedia...

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