Friday, 26 June 2009

a long day...

...arrive safely in San Francisco after a very long day and many, many security checks (I got nabbed 3 times in Heathrow and had to not only unpack all my handluggage, but also turn on and then remove the battery from every piece of tech I had on me...).

after getting to hotel, I showered and changed, and headed out. First to Bluebottle Cafe courtesy of Ms Persky, where I met a couple of cool people - one cute and the other with a consultant friend in Chicago! I then had dinner down in SOMA and wandered back.

I'm pretty much ready to crash right now as I think that I've now been up for over 22 hours and my body has decided that enough is enough.

tomorrow I've got the day to myself and then going to a baseball game in the evening as part of the wedding celebrations.

more updates when I have a brain.

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