Thursday, 12 April 2007

flip-flops and bombs... not a good combination!

my feet hurt.

I've had a lovely day - worked on a client site (second half-day in a row!) and then went out for a drink afterwards (yay!) and then had some food, and then had one alcoholic drink (I know that I shouldn't, but I had a blood test this morning and if my liver has improved - test results due on the 24th - then I'm able to drink again, and if it hasn't, then I'll be tested again in 6 weeks and one drink can't be too bad!) and decided I had enough energy to walk half way home (i.e. over a bridge and then get a bus for the not-so-pretty-or-safe part of the journey). I was in Soho, but decided that I fancied walking towards Waterloo Bridge (longer, but prettier walk then Westminster Bridge) so headed that way. It was a lovely evening, so I meandered a bit. Got to the Strand... well actually, I go near the Strand...

...there was a big bomb alert on Waterloo Bridge and the whole thing was shut off (well, they said "police incident", so I'm assuming it was a bomb). So I walked to Whitehall and got a 453 over Westminster Bridge after nearly an hour of walking.

and I was wearing flip-flops today.

and now my feet hurt (yes, I know I said that already, but they hurt a lot and so deserve another mention...).

In other news, I had the most lovely Easter weekend. It was Mum's 60th on Friday and I was over at theirs from Thursday till Sunday. Great party on the Friday, very chilled on Saturday, and then left to go and watch the Malaysian GP at Dunc's on Sunday. Ended up sleeping on his sofa after a chinese take-away and lots of movies and then watching Easter Parade on Monday before coming home. lovely!

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