Tuesday, 3 April 2007

I'm getting me a cardboard cut-out of a techie...

... oh dear. Interweb disappeared about 45 minutes ago. ADSL said it was on and wifi said it was working, so I rebooted the lappy. Then the ADSL light went off. So I turned off the lappy, the wifi and the router, and turned them back on again in reverse order. Nothing... nada... Next thought - Force9. They had some problems last month with one of their servers, so I thought I'd try them and see if it was at their end.

I ring them and am put on hold (and not so helpfully, their on-hold music includes suggestions to look at their website for hold times on the phone - If I could get online - I wouldn't be phoning.... but that's another rant for another day). 14 minutes later (and about 40 mins after the ADSL went away) they pick up.

As I'm giving them my password, the ADSL light comes back on...

"don't worry miss" says the guy at Force9 - "happens all the time"... I bet it does.

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