Monday, 28 January 2008

one of the many reasons I love the beeb...

I just turned on my TV and before I switched my freeview box on, ITV came up. On was "Women in Fear: Tonight" - I only heard about 30 seconds of it, but it was basically the Daily Mail on TV. In horror, I turned freeview on and there, in all its wonderful glory, was the end of University Challenge on BBC2. I went from angry and rilled to soothed and interested in a split second!

Also - I've failed in my 'blog at least every other day' challenge (or new year's resolution - whatever you want to call it...) so far - my reason - work! Finally after a complete age of not being able to work properly, I'm now rushed off my feet. I've just started a really exciting (albeit very big and scary) project which is for the next 3 months or so, and I've had to turn down 2 clients already this week! At least one of them has now been referred to Dunc, so hopefully it will still work out well for all.

Have also done lots of lovely things recently, including seeing Sweeney Todd twice (once in preview and once opening night). I can't recommend it enough - a fantastic combination of Stephen Sondheim and Tim Burton, as dark and wonderful as it is possible to be!

Anyway, going to eat now and then to bed before continuing to learn and live in the weird and wonderful world of the NHS!

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