Wednesday, 27 February 2008

what you don't want two days before a hot date and five days before flying to another country...

... tonsillitis.

Oh well - am on antibiotics now so should feel better soonish. Think I may work from home for at least part of the day tomorrow as well, so that should help (it's like normal work, but with a duvet and unlimited peppermint and ginger tea!).

Still very excited about the trip next week, and if anyone hasn't seen it yet - check out this very cool guardian article about Obama and the West Wing. It's going to be cold though - about -6 as a maximum daytime temperature! I'm going to try and not be a wimp, but I think I may fail completely.

Well, home soon and then I think straight to bed - am not even going to my ballroom class tonight (which is a shame as it's the first one of the course, but I think for once, my priorities are right!).

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