Sunday, 2 March 2008

my god - it looks like the plan came together!

managed to have a lovely evening on Friday (albeit slightly more subdued than I would have liked), met up with cousins from the US for coffee yesterday, am in work at the moment which is going well, am feeling much better, am going home soon to pack and then to meet up with Charlie and Paul for a non-alcoholic drinklet before going home for an early night, ready to get up tomorrow at 6.15 to fly to Chicago!

(well ok - it's not like I had a plan, but if I had, it would have all come together...)

plus, amazing serendipitous moment - I've been trying to find out where Robert Levin is performing as I'd dearly love to see him. I hadn't had any luck and then thought "I wonder what the Chicago Symphony Orchestra are up to whilst I'm there?" and 'lo an behold, Robert Levin is performing Beethoven's Piano Concerto No.4! With tickets at $35, I'm going to Thursday - yay!

btw - I am aware that I'm not completely well yet, so there is a chance that the grammar in this entry has gone a little skew-iff!

also - I'm going to try and find an internet cafe so that I can blog updates of the whole Obama experience!

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