Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Chicago, days 1-2

well, arrived in Chicago safe and sound. Yesterday was a bit of a blurr - 22 hours awake, 3000 miles travelled and 3 hours of campaigning!

we're staying at the house of a volunteer in Highland Park, north of Chicago, about a 40 minute ride on the train into town (and the trains have an upstairs!).

back phone-banking today - calling people in Ohio who requested absentee ballots to make sure that they've voted (or telling them where to vote today if they haven't!). Tonight there's a big party for the results, with chilli provided!

must get back to the phones now, and am going to a diner shortly to eat some corn beef hash!

more updates as they come, and photos to follow when I work out how my new digital camera works!

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