Saturday, 10 May 2008

get up early, get things done - who'd have thunk it?

very early morning today - boy had to get an 8.30 flight to Ireland and as he'd been on a residential course all week with work, I stayed over. This meant leaving the flat at 5.45 (well - 6am anyway) and after making my way home, it was about 6.40... what to do?

well - this weekend is the big push on the project as I'm presenting to the CEO and Deputy on Monday/Tuesday, so there is lots of work to do (but this does mean that from mid-next week, I should be doing things like - oh, I don't know - responding to emails, seeing friends and generally having slightly more of a social life). Plan was to start work at about 9.30 so I had just under 3 hours to spare - should I go to back to bed, or do something productive? decisions, decisions...

... amazingly, I chose the latter! I've done all the washing up, tidied the kitchen and put the rubbish out, hard boiled some eggs (for new eating plan that requires lots more protein than I'm used to), put towels into washing machine (and actually turn it on and everything!), and made some lovely veg soup! All that and it's only just gone 9am... I may even try to make a habit of this - lots of things done and still a whole weekend of work ahead of me!

anyhoo - work now - I've got everything done, I just actually have to write the damn document - what fun... I may even try and spend some of tomorrow in a park enjoying the sunshine if I get everything done (or take some work to the park if not...).

tonight I think that Aish is coming over for a girly night of drunkenness and chick-flicks which will be nice.

also - a lovely smile for you - here is a fab post written by nanila all about the idiosyncrasies of living in England... very Stephen Fry in tone - enjoy!


Imyril said...

We did this on bank holiday Monday - it's amazing. Although we didn't start quite as early as you!

I think the smug sense of achievement offsets the early start, but I'm still not signing up to making it regular until I start going to bed earlier!

Paul Burgin said...

Good to know things are going well :)