Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Project done - well almost...

... had the meeting with CEO this morning to go over my report and recommendations. Roller-coaster of a meeting and I said 'No - I'm not willing to change that for x reason' a lot, and 'If you want to do that, then you have changed the entire rule set by which I built the new structures, the clinical needs will not be met, and the project needs to be re-done and I this is why I disagree with you' a few times.

upshot is 3 and a half hours later, everything was accepted with only one cosmetic change to a job title! He's even been telling everyone that the project is excellent!

it now goes to the Board on May 22nd (where I'll present the report), then for consultation, and then back to the Board for final approval.

adrenaline is now at an all time low - I've kind of crashed this afternoon and now I'm going to boy's for a relaxing evening. Lots more work to do over the next couple of months, but nothing with this kind of deadline - yay - and no more weekends full of work!

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