Tuesday, 19 August 2008

back to the land of the not-so-sunny!

well, am back from hols and reality is starting to kick-in - got home to no lighting in the flat and lots of water falling through the bathroom ceiling - grrr... Hopefully gonna be getting that sorted today, but as yet the council haven't called back (no surprise there).

can't quite believe that I've now only got 39 days before I go to the States - really need to start planning that properly!

I think this weekend is going to be chilled - just seeing
PirateGrrl and her boy for some food and have a friend crashing in the flat, but don't think he'll be around much (some kind of film horror festival in town), and then another 4 day week - yay!

UPDATE: Ok, maybe not quite so chilled, but still lovely - TiggerAffect's birthday drinks, so could get a bit messy!

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