Thursday, 19 February 2009

back in the land of the 9 to 5-ers?

well... on the face of it yes: I am working with a Management Consultancy doing some really interesting and fab projects with central Gov (for whom I've never worked) on a day rate that I wanted.

on the other side? Although I've done 3 days of work for them, I still have no contract, no definition of the engagement that's binding, and no specifics about exactly what I'll be doing on each of the projects... I'm hoping at this point that this it is because they're so busy they haven't gotten around to sorting it out, rather than the work is going to dissipate and I won't get paid... Either way, I haven't yet told all the rec cons that I'm not available, so hopefully no bridges are burnt if it turns bad.

I would post more, but I've just got chatting to some interesting people (am at Adam St and it suddenly became evening - how/ when did that happen?) so am going to talk to them, instead of you!

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