Friday, 20 February 2009

as predicted...

... one of the two pieces of work that I had, I haven't. It's a bugger as if I'd had the choice, it's the bit I would have chosen, but I've met the other client so can't pull out of that one. One the plus side, it is probably a project that Imyril can do, so have passed it on to her reptiley goodness.

I'm not being too stressed/ annoyed though as I'm really enjoying some of the pro bono work I'm doing for various start-ups and NFPs so if it means that I do a bit more of that, then all is still good.

In related news - I am now the proud owner of a limited company! I have a lovely accountant who is being very patient with me (which is good), used to be a tax inspector for the revenue (which is even better), and has a sense of humour (proof? They're called Many Happy Returns!).

update: second project is now confirmed so I should be able to get the ToEs sorted today or Monday - up to 25 days between now and the end of March (probably work out to be about 20).


Imyril said...

Hurray! Boy is also now in touch with Many Happy Returns, and was delighted to find out they're Up North(ish) in Cheshire... so he can combine trips to see the accountants with pub-nights with old family friends R (quintessential country gentleman) and H (Compo, but with hygiene).

dizzykj said...

Yay! On the whole Northern front - I'm going to be in Darlington (?!) next Thurs/ Fri so if it's the kind of North that you know - recommendations of what to do on the Thurs eve would be greatly appreciated as it is completely outside of my South-is-good safety blanket!

Paul Burgin said...

Hearty congratulations :-). I know you told me that you were getting an accountant, I did not realise it was this soon!