Friday, 22 June 2007

exciting few days!

it all kicks off with meeting Sian at Euston at 7.30 tonight. We're going to have a chilled evening watching DVDs and knitting (the bobble for a Jayne-hat!).

tomorrow we're going to a showing of Serenity at Leicester Square Odeon (in aid of Equality Now) in the morning and then at some point go up to Brum. This is because I need to be in Manchester on Sunday morning (too early to get a train from London) as I'm going to the Labour Leadership Conference!

then I'm either coming back to London on Sunday evening, or going to stay at Jules and Keith's in Liverpool and coming down on Monday. Then my lappy is being picked up on Monday afternoon and my lovely insurance company are going to give me a new one, that actually works!

not quite sure what I'm more excited about - very close one!

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