Wednesday, 27 June 2007

new lappy!

lots of excitement over the weekend, but right now I only have the brain to be happy about the lappy! I haven't quite got the whole wifi thing working as yet, so am sat on the floor in the hall, connected directly to the router!

am slowly getting used to where the keys are (the home, end etc have all changed!) and am also getting a bit confused by the fact that it's so quite - I keep thinking it's about to shut down!

most importantly I have Civ2 installed already!

going to sleep soon, as have been up and awake since 9am waiting for lappy to come (it was due to come between 9 and 5, and arrived at 6.45.... oh well - not really that surprising!

tomorrow I'll probably digest all the cool politics that's been happening, but Radio4 said that Hewett has been sacked, so it's looking up!

also - check out Sian's blog for a fab description of Saturday!

UPDATE: still no wifi, but my printer is working - Yay! slowly but surely....!

UPDATE 2: mmm... spoke to soon - the test page printed, and half of the page I was looking to print - then the printer kind of got confused....

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