Saturday, 30 June 2007

useful insomnia...?

am not asleep, although I'd like to be - I thought I'd make myself useful and do various bit so admin that I'd been putting off. One of them was my tax return (not due until the end of the year, but I'd already done the hard bit of working my way through about 3 trees' worth of invoices and receipts, so it was just a job hanging about). I thought it would be a nightmare as I couldn't find the bit of paper they sent me a while ago, but it wasn't.

the same, really complex user name and password (think random alpha-numeric for both) that I used last year and, more importantly, cunningly wrote down in a Safe Place (has to be the first time I've put something in an SP and then found it again!) are still valid!

so the whole being awake thing has been quite useful (even if it does now mean that I know how much money (that I don't have...) I need to give HMRC in January).

and can I just say that whilst I'm really happy paying tax and think it's a great thing to do, I really dislike Class 4 NI. I don't know what it does or where it goes, but and extra 8% on everything over your basic tax allowance sucks.

mmm... this seems to have turned in to a rant so it's probably time to sign off... I'll try and think some happy thoughts and then head to bed...

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