Friday, 13 July 2007

after an hour of ceaseless searching...

... ok - it's more like a week than an hour, and not really searching, more like ceaseless devotion to moisturising - but that's not the point...

... the point is that I now have almost pretty feet! Hard edges are nearly gone, and skin is pretty silky, so I'm not completely ashamed to show them in public when I go on holiday (4 weeks today - yay!).

I put the blame for the fact that I've had to spend time doing this squarely at my mother's door... I think it goes hand in hand (or foot in foot) with the whole feet-radiating-cold thing.

also - dyslexia can be a bugger sometimes - I knew the quote verbally and it has just taken me about 20 mins to work out how to spell the word ceaseless (seasless, seesless, sealsus - yeah - I knew the quote before I knew what the word meant, so I'd never thought about it before... another airing cupboard moment!)

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