Monday, 23 June 2008

the dangers of the interweb

so - this morning. Got into work, turned on computer. Opened up my google home page. Went to Neil Gaiman's blog. Read about Wordle. Went to Wordle. Had fun playing with Obama speeches and came up with this one (very pretty). Then started playing with Neil Gaiman short stories and came up with this (again, very pretty). Then thought of a nice Bartlet quote from the West Wing. Then saw this page of West Wing quotes. Now planning on when I can go home to watch West Wing.

If there was an exam in procrastination and getting side-tracked, I'd get and A.
With maybe a gold star.

Also drinking the most marvelous tea, one of the many that PirateGrrl and myself got at Taste on Saturday.

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Paul Burgin said...

We've all been there, professionally and personally. In my case it usually happens late at night and I end up not posting a clever and witty blog entry out of sheer exhaustion.