Saturday, 28 June 2008

mmm... lovely chilledness

am at Dunc's watching Quincy ME on ITV3 having spent last night watching films and eating take-away - lovely! And even better - he has a new sofa, so crashing here is not as painful as it used to be!

we're now having a discussion about the word (or non-word) chilledness - Dunc has suggested chillity, I was considering leaving out the first e to make it chill'dness.

week at work was good - managed to get £700k signed-off to spend in the next 4 months on the rec project and will be handing it over to the new PM on July 10th (he's started already but is now on hols until then). That will leave me to do lots of other interesting projects which have nothing to do with implementation - yay!

the rest of this weekend should be similarly lovely - nothing to do today apart from watch Dr Who this evening, and tomorrow seeing girls for a lazy Sunday (that may, or may not include a visit to the Hobbs sale).

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