Monday, 21 May 2007

I'm really going to pay for it tomorrow...

... but have just had a fab evening. Went to a seminar hosted by Involve, all about engagement and participation in politics and meet some great people. Hopefully I'm going to do some stuff with some, about engagement of youth in particular!

then went to the pub for a few drinks (non-alcoholic!) and debated everything from Spin to the Middle-East to choice in hospitals in schools... my throat is now quite sore, so I'm going to have to be quite for a few days!

also - the wonders of facebook, not only has everyone I know joined in the past few weeks (including me), but I've also just had a text from an old school friend (Jane Currie), seeing if I'm on facebook and am going to meet up with her soon as well! I heard tonight that there have been about 50,000 Londoners join facebook in the past 2 weeks... doesn't surprise me!

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