Sunday, 27 May 2007

lovely music!

had an early morning (for me, anyway!) but it was worth it. I went to one of the coffee concerts at Wigmore Hall and saw a brilliant string quartet play some Mozart and Haydn (yay) and some Dvorak (very dramatic, but I always find it over done).

definitely a great way to spend a Sunday, even if it did mean missing the Monaco GP!

having never been to Wigmore Hall before, I have to say I was impressed - the acoustics were amazing. On June 12th I'm going to see some Bach violin concertos, but am going to try and go again before then!

1 comment:

Guru said...

That precludes my question of how you're doing then :P

Sounds much better than the McLarens playing Scalectrix at Monaco at any rate :)

"Dvorak (very dramatic, but I always find it over done)"

Yes, but he does makes *exceedingly* good keyboards.

- P.