Sunday, 28 January 2007

grrrr.... and ouch...

... after sleeping on Friday (literally - went to sleep at about 3am, woke up at 8pm and then went back to bed just after midnight) I woke up on Saturday at 9.30am feeling great - the first time this has happened since... maybe September ?

the sun was shining, all was good in the world and I wanted to do something. I went into the office and decided that it was time to sort it out. I dismantled one of the desks, cleaned the whole room (including hoovering - well everything!) and rearranged it all. The exercise bike now has a space of its own and there is an extra bookcase in the hallway - all very nice! I listened to Radio4 all day and ate healthily.

I spent the evening watching TV and went to bed at about midnight - all in all a good day...

... today - urggg. I managed to get up at about 3.30pm - feel rubbish, everything aches, have a headache, feel sick, covered in bruises (from walking into things yesterday), tired, glands hurting in places I didn't know I had glands... all my own fault - I've done that "overdoing it" thing. bugger.

oh well - at least I have a lovely, presentable office!

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