Tuesday, 30 January 2007

not such a bad day after all...

... I managed to get up at 9.30ish, which is an hour later than ordered, but still better then recent times. A large cup of coffee or 3 saw me through the morning and I managed to re-arrange most of my books which was the plan. Task for tomorrow is to start to sort out the contents of the office, and to throw away lots of crap!

off to bed now - have just watched The Commitments on Film4 and merrily sung along to all the tunes (only the backing-singer bits - I was suddenly 14 years old again, singing along to the soundtrack into hairbrushes in Jane's bedroom).

I also heard back about my incapacity benefit - they said yes, which is good, but it's only £59 a week, and my rent is well over twice that... must get better soon, as an actual income is needed!

hopefully some sleep now - am meeting M&D for an early dinner tomorrow and I need to stay awake throughout the day (my doctor has prohibited naps - how uncivilised!).

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adam said...

Good efforts so far - keep it up!