Saturday, 20 January 2007

helpful help centres - who'd have thunk it?

half an hour ago I realised that my I still hadn't done anything about my broadband which was due to run out on Monday evening - not good.

I also had to change the name on the account from Adam to me and downgrade from business to residential. I guessed that there was nothing I could do until Monday morning, but went to the website on the offchance.

the name change was easy - just log in and change everything. I guessed the really difficult bit was going to be the downgrade on the account and getting it done by Monday. After 15 mins of looking around the site and not finding what I needed, I thought it was worth trying the customer help centre.

now I know there is no way that they're going to be open at 1.15am on a Saturday morning, but what the heck, it was worth a call... they picked up on the second ring!

I explained the situation. The guy talked me through which new account I wanted, directed me to where I could email them the request and told me what to put in the text of the email. When I asked about any fees for the account change, he told me I'd have a "downgrade fee" of £29.99 plus vat. I asked if this was negotiable and he immediately offered to reduce it to £14.99! He then told me to add this into the text of the email and asked me to send it in. He confirmed that he could see the request in and would action in there and then!

on Tuesday morning, I have to reset my router and all should be well.

I can't quite believe it - not only was there a guy sitting in a UK call centre gone midnight on a Friday, but he was pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful... don't know what the world is coming to!

btw, company was Force9 - same price as NTL et al, but on the basis of the above, I definitely recommend - their website is here.

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