Thursday, 18 January 2007

ok - my body really hates me...

... had a lovely evening last night for Anna's birthday - very chilled meal with the girls (and amazingly we're seeing each other again next week - this is unheard of - we normally manage to get together every 3 or 4 months!).

Had to get up early for a blood test to see if my liver is behaving itself and then to the post office to finally get around to sending in my incapacity benefit form (as I've realised that my savings are going to be well... not savings very soon).

Got home, and felt rubbish. This is not new - I did more than one thing in 24 hours - this never works well. Ate some healthy food and felt a bit better, then spent the rest of the day randomly thinking and looking things up online.

7pm rolled round and I though - mmm... I'll watch a film and then go to bed...

... it's now midnight and the delightful insomnia has returned.

I feel tired (no change there then), slightly sick (from lack of sleep) but am awake.

oh well - there's a Channel4 countdown programme on until 1.40am - best political comedies (I've already seen it 3 times, but it has some great clips on it) and I'm wikipedia hopping, so I guess I'll try and go to bed after that!

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