Wednesday, 21 February 2007

new plan...

... I have been meaning to go for a walk each day this week, but haven't due to either feeling too ill and feverish, or just too lazy.

whilst talking to Adam about this, he came up with a fab plan: Each day I shall go into town somewhere and sit in a cafe/pub and read a book. I can do any combination of walking / bus-ing for both outward and return journey. This has multiple benefits - I get to go somewhere other than the flat, I get to do some exercise each day (even if it is just a ten minute walk), and I get to remember that I live in London (which I love).

we then got on to reading materials, and I mentioned that I've just started HP4. This led to a very apt name for my walk/read each day - Pottering!

so tomorrow, I shall go for a potter, and am very much looking forward to it!

also - Dunc is on his way over and he's bringing a chinese takeaway with him - what a star that man is!

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