Friday, 2 February 2007

things to look forward to

I've just realised that I've got quite a lot of cool things coming up soon, so am feeling quite happy and hopefully will go to sleep soon!

Vic has emailed about Richard Schiff (Toby from WestWing) doing a one-man show that she's getting tickets for - yay! Last year we went to see Rob Lowe in A Few Good Men, so now all we have to do is see CJ or Josh in anything for the complete set!

Adam sent me the most beautiful Moleskine London Notebook which I'm going to use this year and try and fill it up. It has an AtoZ and loads of sections to fill in, including "places, dreams, adventures" and "bars, wineries, stories". I'm really looking forward to getting better and going and trying lots of new places in London, just to note down my thoughts about them!

Having sorted out all of my books, I realised that I'd lost a couple over the years. One was a Joel Rosenberg book which has been out of print for years. I'd had a real hassle buying it the first time (I spent months tracking down a copy and finally managed to get one sent from a second-hand book shop in the US). Now, everything is different - typed it into Amazon and found about 50 market-place sellers who all had it - another yay! It should be arriving in a day or so.

Having seen Patrick Stewart in the RSC version of Anthony and Cleopatra, we're now going to see him again in The Tempest in March. This will also double as a Jude-going-on-maternity-leave celebration.

I've got a ZeFrank yoga top arriving - one of the "Thinking so you don't have to" ones - this might take a while as coming from the US, but very exciting - they had a January sale, so it was really cheap and shipping was free!

Following Sian's recommendation of Bones - I'm now downloading Season 1, so when it's done (it reckons 12 days at the moment), I shall have much to watch.

I should be meeting up with Dunc and Mel in the next few weeks which is lovely. Mel wants to start her Buffy education and Dunc has just finished Season 5. When that's done, I think I'll start pushing Firefly!

I'm also going to try and go to pilates again on Saturday, and hope that it doesn't wipe me out quite as much as last time.

Now all I have to do is get properly better, but as I'm being reminded, little steps are good!

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