Friday, 9 February 2007

a nice week

well, it's off to bed now, and I've managed nearly the whole week on GMT - I think I've finally cracked the insomnia - yay! (although, as the curse of Murray Walker is with us all, that was probably a really stupid thing to say...).

I've been listening to the radio and learning how to cross-stitch, so not a very demanding week but, all in all, quite a good one.

I'm going to try for pilates tomorrow, dependent on getting a good night's sleep tonight and then more rest until the seeing the doctor on Tuesday - she's trying to refer me to the King's Chronic Fatigue Clinic.

btw - have just watched Room 101 - Paul Merton's last ever one, with Ian Hislop as guest - very funny and worth watching the repeat if you missed it.

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