Sunday, 19 October 2008


... the Sunday rush has slowed down a bit now (we had 90 people show up in the first 2 hours!). It's still busy and hopefully we'll break our record from last Sunday of 10500 calls. Yesterday was amazing - 243 people making over 18000 calls (and nearly all the data was entered as well, which is even more amazing.

My birthday was fab - we didn't end up going out - at 9.30 it became apparent that we didn't have all the data we needed for Saturday (which meant that we needed to wait for it to arrive and then packet it all up) so Jessey and I popped down to White Hen, bought lots of beer, wine and vodka and had my celebrations in the office whilst paper-clipping things together! When I got back to the apartment there were flowers from Swirral and family and after speaking to her, I got to bed at about 2.30am. Yesterday, my body reminded me that I am, in fact 30, and not 16 as I may have acted on Friday night - the hang over was not pretty. (the day ended on a lovely note though as my present from M&D had arrived!).

In much finer fettle today and ready for the crazy which is happening around me (you want proof of the crazy? I started writing this post at 2pm and it's now 3.50pm...).

thanks to everyone for the messages, texts and calls from everyone - it was so lovely that so many people were thinking of me.

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Tara said...

Happy (belated) birthday!!!