Friday, 3 October 2008

happy fangirl, going to bed!

well - today has been fun - went into the office for a few hours this afternoon (working on work work stuff this morning) and then headed down to the 'burbs to watch Neil Gaiman do an amazing reading of Chapter 3 of The Graveyard Book. It was followed with a new trailer from Coraline (and also some never-before-seen shots from the film - it look so cool and creepy), a Q&A with Neil and then Stardust!

met a fab new person, ljconstantine, just before going in, and met her again at Union Station on the way back - we then wandered for a while, stood in the street talking for quite a bit more and then came back here for coffee. She just left as we suddenly realised that it had gotten to 2am! I've been invited to hers though to see her flat - where she has many books (I've told her about PirateGrrl's library and she'd very jealous!

will now watch the VP debate, but from what's been reported it looks like Palin had a better than expected evening (nothing surpising there - I don't think she could actually have met expectations, what with them being so low and all), but that Biden won overall. I've got a feeling that this might be the way that the debates go this year - pretty much draws all round. I don't think that this would be a terrible thing as Obama is considered the front runner at this point and any draw normally counts in the favour of the person in front. I'll post more though when I've had time to watch them, think about it and some such.

tomorrow I'm doing more trekking out of Chicago - have to go and pick up something for the office from a place called Geneva - about an hour on the Metra out of Ogilvy. Should give me plenty of time to think about work work and finish reading the Graveyard book!

anyway- bed now (after debate watching) as I have to get up in about 7 hours... a late night, but a great evening.


Tara said...

Yay fangirling until the wee hours yay!

dizzykj said...

I see your Woo, and I raise you a Yay!

Tara said...

I might have a spare electric kettle for you, by the bye. I need to poke through my cupboards. But then you can have tea without boiling a whole pot of water.

dizzykj said...

That is so cool! I'm not letting myself have tea in the mornings at the moment as I don't trust myself to be awake enough to pour boiling water out of a saucepan!