Thursday, 9 October 2008

a night of Chicago blues and David Owen...

...well, not together, but within a day!

yesterday was a crazy day - was in the office from 9am till 10pm - it stayed pretty busy all day and lots of running around happened. Afterwards went out with Melissa to see a great brass blues band (the tuba is the new double bass), had beers and was home at about 2am!

today came into the office in the afternoon (after lots of sleep) and it seemed like a normal day. Then David Owen walked into the office to get things for his wife (who is American). He's completely lovely, very polite and I've given him the details of the Obama campaign in London and I think that his wife is going to be going along to the rally on Saturday in London. I got very star-struck and am still a little dazed by the whole thing. People here didn't really get it, but I tried to explain that whatever you think of his politics, he is an elder statesman of British politics and it was a BIG deal!

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