Tuesday, 7 October 2008

oh my God, I am so unfit...

... just taken my first pilates class over here and it was hard! My classes at home are about 1 hour 20 long and the pace is relaxed, even though we work hard. Here, it's pushed down into 55 minutes, with almost no rest! I'm looking forward to taking more classes and building up my stamina, but I think I'm going to have to deal with feeling like a beginner for a few weeks. It also didn't help that almost all of the choreography was completely new to me as well, so I was having to focus on learning the exercises as well... At least I can only get better!

the office has been manic for the last couple of days, and general anxiety has increased - 29 days left feels really scarey. The polls are looking good, but on Friday our numbers were the same as Bush's lead over Gore in 2000 the week before the election so nothing can be taken for granted. There are some really great statistics on fivethirtyeight that I'd recommend looking at.

as for all the negative stuff that the McCain campaign have been throwing - I was scared most by Sarah Palin's inability to distingish the singluar from the plural - she used the word terrorists to refer to a single person! Also - if you haven't yet seen the SNL VP debate - find it on youtube or somewhere - Tina Fey has Palin down so amazingly - it's on a par with Rory Bremner's Bush!

anyway - I'm going to spend a couple more hours feeling completely physically pathetic and then go to bed!

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Paul Burgin said...

I have posted the SNL version of the debate on my blog. Tina Fey is scarily accurate and as for the negative comments about Obama, it certainly gives credence to her own 'Pitbull with lipstick' label, and one which I fail to understand how anyone would see as a compliment!