Friday, 17 October 2008

happy birthday me!

(well, in the UK time - it's a couple more hours here!)

first of all - apologies to everyone to whom I haven't replied in the last couple of days - it's been pretty crazy and I've been crap at responding to emails... will try and be better from now on.

the plan for tomorrow is that we close down the office on time, get out by 9.30pm and then go for some food and some drinks (not too many though as I think I'm running one of the phonebanks on Saturday which will mean an 8.30 start). I'm also going out for lunch with Reem which will be lovely!

I have to say - I'm loving Chicago and am looking forward to coming back here often (although I've been told by Jessey that I'm not allowed to move here any time soon or she won't have anywhere to stay when she comes to London!).

can't quite believe that we now only have 18 days left (as of tomorrow) - I'm getting flash backs to 1992... It's great that we're ahead in the polls, but my fear is that people are getting complacent and we need to make sure that people actually turn out to vote... all the work we're doing now though is focused on GOTV and getting our supporters in Illinois out to the battle-grounds for November 1st - 4th.

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