Monday, 29 September 2008

37 days till the election...

... not quite sure how that happened - isn't it still August?

today was good, and very productive. Woke up at about 6am and realised my good fortune of the fact that this was the start time of the Singapore GP - a foolish thought though as this, being America, is a country where they don't show coverage on standard cable! Had food and went back to bed before getting up again at about 7.30 and going for a swim.

after much coffee and general milling about in the apartment, I headed down to the IL headquarters for midday. It was lovely to see people again - Sean, Scott and Melissa are all here and I had a lovely welcome! The main work being done from the office is phonebanking to supporters in IL and trying to get them to go out to volunteer in the many swing-states next door (Iowa, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin and Indiana). I was working in the front desk, for Jessie and now officially hold a position as one of her minions (I'm on the rota and everything!). The front desk work is predominantly answering the phones, getting volunteers set up on the phones and generally making sure that everyone has everything they need. I also did a few bits and pieces for some of the Field Directors who are looking after those swing states, of which I think I'll be doing more (and I should be more useful tomorrow when I bring in my laptop!).

after the office closed at about 7.30, some of the staffers went out for food and a couple of drinks to a place quite near where I live and it was a lovely chilled out evening. It also helped me stay awake which was good, as I hope that tomorrow I'll be able to sleep in a bit later (jet lag - if you're listening - I'm here trying to do some good in the world so if you could try and stay out of my way so that my brain doesn't turn to jam mid-afternoon, it would be greatly appreciated).

talking of which - I think now is time for bed again - I'm less knackered, more actual zombie right now!

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Leah-Nani said...

We missed you last night! The film was very good, so you must see it when you return.