Sunday, 21 September 2008

how amazing does Bette Midler look..?

am watching the Sunday night show of Strictly Come Dancing (which I'm hoping that the BBC iPlayer is going to let me watch from America - otherwise I'll be coming back to it at week 8!). Bette Midler is the guest and she looks completely amazing... and I love her voice so much - she's singing My Hero, but not making saccharine like most versions of it.

had a lovely weekend looking after Ulrick and am back at the packing - I think I've managed to work out what I'm taking in my carry-on - which is good as I now have no time to do any more until Friday evening, whilst Nic and I eat take-away. As this will be my last evening in the country, I don't want to have too much to do!

anyway - the dance-off is about to begin so I shall resume my focused watching of Strictly!

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