Tuesday, 16 September 2008


...so I've had an icky throat for a while now and it's been getting progressively worse with the addition of pain and a bit of a temperature. I made an appointment with the doctor for yesterday and the plan was that I was going to ask for some anti-biotics (although I probably didn't actually need them) in a hope that I could get it cleared up before I go away.

didn't quite go to plan - she took one look and said that I have some kind of nasty infection and I now have 2 types of anti-biotics, saltwater to gargle twice a day and aspirin to gargle three-times a day. I am also on strict instructions to go back to her if it hasn't cleared up before I go away.

I've also got loads of work to do before I go and am generally feeling a bit rubbish. It would be great if I could just pause life right now, have a month-long holiday somewhere warm, and then resume life as usual tomorrow - not sure how to do that though, not having a TARDIS or some-such.

oh well - to bed now, work tomorrow and Charlie should be coming over in the eve whilst I tidy, so that I can actually see her before I go. I'm also planning on doing a whole lot of nothing at the weekend (whilst dog-sitting) which should help things.

hopefully the drugs will kick in soon and I'll feel shiny again one day.

in other news - I rang Virgin Atlantic today and spoke to their legal affairs department. The travel insurance I have with them for Chicago is underwritten by AIG and I wanted to know what would happen if they went bust. A spoke to a lovely women, but she sounded a bit shell-shocked at the thought of it! The latest news from them was that they'd passed it up to their assurance department who were going to look at the contracts - I wait with none-baited breath...