Thursday, 11 September 2008

poetry and science - what a lovely mix!

just been pointed to Digital Cuttlefish and seen the following posted in a comment:

What is it about calendars
That sets us all to think
That our fine Earth will wash away
Like water down a sink?

It seems to me quite ludicrous
To treat as set in stone
These lines we draw in sand - a trait
To which we all are prone.

This planet's seen four million
Millennia go past.
We'd really be unlucky folks
If our one were the last!

Here's the link to the full post, and hat-tippery to wonderful Science after Sunclipse.

In other news, this weekend is Project Tidy Flat (all welcome!) and I've almost finished the packing list for Chicago (and yes, I am taking too many shoes...).

Also saw The Duchess last night, thanks to PirateGrrl's great ticketing ability. Highly recommend for the dresses alone (very, very puurrdy) and I now feel like I really should know more about the women and feel a Wikiwalk on its way.

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