Thursday, 18 September 2008

Yay for cabin baggage allowance!

am happy - I've done my preliminary packing this evening and it wasn't looking good (you have to understand this is not the first cut of clothes - I consider preliminary packing to be about the third cut, but when I first attempt to put it all into/onto the suitcase!). I'd realised that my normal carry-on was going to be too small to fit in everything so I was going to have to buy something else (in the no time that I have to go shopping).

I then checked the Virgin cabin allowance, and my MASSIVE floral bag is within the size restrictions - Woo!

this now means I'm not as stressed as I was, and will not have to compromise on shoes: my New Rock to wear to travel, knee-high boots, 2 pairs of Cons, black heels, 2 pairs of pumps and some flip-flops (no idea what the weather is going to be like - could be warm, could be cold, could be both!).

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