Friday, 26 September 2008

this time tomorrow...

... I'll be on an aeroplane heading to Chicago (or, more likely, sitting in Heathrow T3 waiting for news of when my plane will be taking off)!

I've pretty much packed now, with just a small pile of things on my suitcase still to go in. I've got to sort out my handbag and remember to pack my chargers etc. Last day at work and although I'll be finishing off a project early next week, it feels good.

tonight I'm meeting friends for drinks at Kettners (6.30 if anyone else fancies coming) before going to the cinema and should be home by about 10.30ish to finish the above!

I can't wait to be working on the campaign full-time. We had a rally yesterday where Paul Tewes (DNC GE Director) spoke and then we headed out catch those pesky Americans who have yet to request their absentee ballots. Paul's thoughts were very interesting and inspiring and I can't wait to tell people in Chicago all the work that's going on here. The canvassing was also really successful and I spoke to lots of people who didn't think that they could vote as they'd lived here so long - one even went straight to an internet cafe to go and register there and then! ( is the place to go people!)

got to go now as lots of work to do (meetings all afternoon...), but will try and keep up the blogging whilst I'm away. Will be on email at the usual address, will be taking my UK phone with me (I'll be buying a pay-as-you-go when I get out there), and will also have my work blackberry, so completely contactable!

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