Monday, 22 September 2008

Aaron Sorkin is a wonderful writer, lest we forget...

BARACK OBAMA knocks on the front door of a 300-year-old New Hampshire farmhouse while his Secret Service detail waits in the driveway. The door opens and OBAMA is standing face to face with former President JED BARTLET.

BARTLET Senator.

OBAMA Mr. President.

BARTLET You seem startled.

OBAMA I didn’t expect you to answer the door yourself.

BARTLET I didn’t expect you to be getting beat by John McCain and a LancĂ´me rep who thinks “The Flintstones” was based on a true story, so let’s call it even.

OBAMA Yes, sir.

It gets better - read the full article here.

I sometimes forget how Sorkin is able to perfectly articulate my views in the most eloquent of ways. Think I may have to watch a bit more West Wing before I go out to the States!

Hat-tip to Adam for find it!

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