Monday, 26 March 2007

ok, now I really know that I should go to bed now...

... but just in case I needed more motivation, I've just been looking at the Search History function on Google. It has a trends section, which shows things like what time you do most of your searching... oh dear - the 11pm to 1am section is the highest - and not just that, but higher than almost everything else put together... that's what I shall now be calling the "danger zone". I reckon that if I'm bored enough to be doing lots of google searches, I'm probably finding things to spend money on!

from now on, I'm going to try and be aware of this, and hopefully, that will mean I'll do it less (or is that the twelve-steps...?).

in other news, had a great day today - did midday to six for a client, and wasn't feeling completely shaky when I left! Yay - that's a first! I'm not going to overdo it though - tomorrow is going to be a Day Of Rest.

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