Thursday, 29 March 2007

aftermath of the longest day...

... wow - yesterday was long! started at 7am (yes, 7am) to be on a client site at 9.30. I worked through to 12.30 and then went home via the bank. At 4pm I left to meet Sian at Euston and we came back via the Chinese to pick up a take-away.

the plan was to watch some Buffy and then head to bed at about 9pm-ish. At 1am, we finally went to bed after lots of chatting, some collapsing on my part, and lots of Buffy!

in total, I was up for 18 hours!!

today... Sian left at 8am to head to the airport (she's going out KL for holiday) and I went back to bed. I've slept for most of the day, drank some coffee and the plan for the evening is some Civ2... lovely!

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