Saturday, 3 March 2007

yes brain, I am happy you have returned...

... but I would like to sleep now!

oh well - it was good brain activity. I have now created a spreadsheet which shows my potential earnings over the next 22 months, and I think I'll have the money I need for a deposit to buy a two-bed flat in central London in Jan 09 - Yay!

It's a wonderfully complex spreadsheet (as always, with me), which takes into consideration the likely number of days I will work in each month (allowing for a staggered start back into work from April, holidays and number of clients fluctuating) my monthly outgoings (increasing annually for inflation), spending money (worked out on a weekly basis), and my day rate increasing annually (but not by very much).

I know this sounds very far-fetched as there are so many variables, but I created one at the start of 2005 through to July 2006 to get out of debt and it worked. Everything changed (like moving jobs twice, have a month off and starting freelancing), but I kept and eye on it and it all worked out in the end. I'm just hoping that the same happens again!

this will mean that I'll be able to buy my first home in the months following my 30th birthday. Sounds pretty cool to me.

bed now.

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