Saturday, 3 March 2007

pottering next week

well, working on the basis that I'm not going to be able to do any work next week, the plan is as follows:

monday - Ye Old Mitre, Hatton Garden
tuesday - The Princess Louise, Holborn
friday - The Sailsbury, Strand
saturday - Kings Arms, Waterloo
sunday - Churchill Arms, Kensington

the current plan is to meet up with M&D on Wed and then go over there on Thursday (for Dad to have a look at my laptop - it's not been a happy bunny for the past few months).

this week has been great - not sure about a couple of the pubs but, on the whole, I've added one or two that I'd happily go back to again. I've got one pub from the last list to visit tomorrow (The Lamb in Bloomsbury) and then on Sun, I should be meeting up with Aisha which will be lovely.

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